Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mary and Doug's Wedding-Flowers

Floral arrangements by Pamela Atkinson, Red Blush Designs

  • white calla lilies
  • plum calla lilies
  • cool water roses
  • vandella roses
  • white tulips
  • purple tulips
  • purple statice
  • purple orchids
  • curly willow (spray painted silver)
  • lily grass
  • salal leaves
  • seeded eucalyptus

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Bridal Bouquet

Decorative arrangements:

Two large rectangular arrangements were used at the front of the room for the ceremony, and moved adjacent to the head table for the reception. I actually scouted the vases from the women's washroom at a shopping mall. I asked the information desk for the contact information of the shop they came from.
I was able to order them and pick them up at the store.

Lesson-be resourceful, inspiration can come from unexpected places

After the ceremony we moved the bouquets to the front of the dining room. I picked up a few cheap rectangular vases at Walmart. With very few singles attending, we decided to forgo the traditional bouquet and garter toss.

Lesson- dont' be afraid to adapt or remove elements if they don't suit your style, or the type of wedding you want. No one will notice anyway!


The process to decide on centrepieces was quite exhaustive. Nothing seemed quite right, not until Husband found these on sale at a home d├ęcor store. They are actually meant as an oil diffuser, but we immediately saw the potential.
The store didn`t have enough in stock, we needed 8 but they were able to order us more at the sale price! Bonus!
The set comes with a mirrored tray, two round votive holders, a small square vase, the lid, the wooden sticks, some tea lights and a bottle of scent. The tea lights were too yellow, so I swapped them out for white floating candles that I bought in bulk at a craft store. We didn`t use the sticks or lids, but I keep the boxes with the pieces inside. We stashed the boxes under the tables, for the guests to take the centrepiece home, and so they could use it for it`s true purpose if they desired. We love them either way.


  1. These flowers are lovely. Modern with a classic twist.. I am coordinating a Wedding in Aug 2011 and I was wondering if you would recommend this flower designer?

  2. I definately think so, she is my daughter! LOL, seriously she does excellent work.

  3. send me an email at marybethatkinson@gmail.com
    and I'll send you the contact information for the florist.

  4. Gorgeous and professional arrangements given time constraints and supplies. A true professional who works very well under pressure.