Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mary and Doug's Wedding-Favours/Escort Cards

DIY Magnetic Board

To serve as a combination of decoration, escort cards and guest favours I fancied up a magentic message board I bought at walmart. I originally was going to spray paint the frame silver but I decided to keep it black. I like the contrast between the white and silver motif and the frame. I picked up a roll of wedding gift wrap-white background with an oversized floral damask pattern. I cut the paper to size, and used spray adhesive to adhere it to the message board. I went a bit overboard on the glue, it was a bit bumpy so I used a bone folder to smooth it out. I used a bit of double sided tape to adhere the corners for extra durability.

This particular board is 22 inches wide by 35 inches long. It's the biggest one I could find.

This project could easily be adapted for a home office, craft room or children`s bedroom. Simply pick a pattern you like, in the colour scheme of your choice. I find the thicker wrapping papers are best, you want it to be thick enough to withstand some abuse, but not too thick that magnets won`t stick.

The escort cards themselves are small silver magnetic photo frames. I ordered these ones online from a wedding favour store, but I have seen them in stores. Husband created the name cards with Adobe Illustrator in a grid pattern. Remember to measure the insert that comes with the frame, and watch the margins to make sure the text doesn't get cut off by the edge of the frame. It might take a bit of trial and error to get it right.
We printed them at a copy store, cut them out, and stuck them in the mini frames while watching t.v. We organized them alphabetically by last name on the message board-easy to do since the backs are magnetic. Since we only had 57 guests, it was easy to fit all the little frames onto the board. If you have a lot of guests, make two board and split the alphabet.

The frames served as both escort cards, and a useful favour to take home. Guests can simply add the photo of their choice and stick to the fridge, or any other magnetic surface.

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