Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY greeting cards and invitations

Materials needed:
  • pre-made envelopes, in any size
  • variety of decorative papers-I used scrapbooking paper
  • embellishments: die cuts, glitter, stickers, scraps of ribbon, etc.
  • glue stick
  • glue gun for thicker elements (if using)
  • bone folder (optional)
  • cutting mat and xcato knife or paper cutter

The only essential aspect of making your own cards is making sure they fit into the envelopes.
Other than that, let your imagination run wild!

Craft stores sell blank card and envelope sets. This project is even easier with pre-made cards, just decorate! Each card takes only a minute or two.

If you are making invitations, you will likely want to make them all the same. I don't think this is strictly necessary-your guests won't compare them! But it is easiest to make them all the same colour scheme, you can vary the patterns and shapes if you like.

For invitations print out all the details such as date, time, location and the contact information for the guests to rsvp and print out as many copies as you need from your home computer.
Glue this sheet into each invitation.

This is really a creative exercise, you can make cards and invitations in any colour scheme and pattern you like.

Here are some samples I created using leftover scrapbooking supplies and bits and bobs I had lying around the house. I confess I save ribbon-I have a drawer full of random pieces.

This could be an invitation or a card for a wedding, an engagement party, a shower, or an anniversary party.

This card or invitation is more general-it could be for birthdays or as a thank you card.

It really only takes a few minutes to make a card and it's a really nice way to create a hand made custom card. Tailor the card to the person it's for, the event, or even to the wrapping paper.

Most of all-be creative and have fun!

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  1. Hmm... Christmas cards would be fun to make...