Monday, July 26, 2010

E invitations

Online invitations, a.k.a "e-vites" are an excellent choice for many reasons-they're free, paperless and quick and easy. Two sites that I use frequently are and
Here are some highlights of each.

  • completely free (you need to register for an account)
  • quick and easy to use
  • pre-made templates for every category
  • custom options are somewhat limited but you can change the design image or "design your own" from scratch
  • easily import your contacts from email accounts such as gmail and hotmail
  • guests options such as potluck requests, polls, even let guests create a playlist
  • links to google maps
  • option to post the invitation to facebook
  • tracks rsvps for you
  • after the event, guests can post photos
  • free e-cards available
To create an account go to

  • a digital version of a real invitation-designs have envelopes
  • classier than a usual e-invitation
  • basic options are free-you can upgrade your account to "plus" or "premium" for a monthly fee
  • customize options such as background and text colour, add a photo
  • tracks rsvps for you
  • links to social media-facebook, twitter, linked in, my space
  • free e-cards available
  • party planning options-find a venue, create a budget, order party supplies etc.
To create an account go to


  1. Great idea on the e-vites, e-cards are the way to go since everyone's online these days and saves on stamps, writing out envelopes and sealing them as well! Last but not least save on the trip time to the mail box... that's always my hold up is taking the time to actually mail the cards...

  2. But there's something about getting an invitation in the mail. The tactile-ness of paper.

    I guess I'm biased to paper ... as a scrapbooker, origiami enthusiast, and librarian.

  3. I would say it depends on your budget and number of guests. And of course, personal taste.