Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Texture

 I've been watching alot of episodes of Sarah Richardson's shows on HGTV lately, and one thing that really stood out for me was all the different textures and patterns she uses in her designs. In one episode she mentions that she often uses 14 different textures, patterns and fabrics in one room. 14! I looked around my house, to see how many I have, and the answer is very few. Fall is the perfect time to add layers of plush fabrics and natural textures around the house, so I set out to see how I can add a bit of autumn to my living space easily and frugally.

I picked up two bags of textured balls from the dollarstore. There's about five balls of different sizes for $2 per bag. Which works out to about 40 cents each. I couldn't decide which I liked better, so I got both. Why not? Next, I scrounged up a bowl and a vase and tried out some different arrangements to see what I liked best.

This bowl looks like teak, but it's actually plastic! That make it very washable and durable. I've had it for years, I found it in a thrift store for $1. I piled the textured balls inside the bowl casually. Not bad, but the individual balls get lost in the heap. 

Next, I grabbed a vase that has been collecting dust, and spent some time figuring out the best look. Since the vase is narrow at the base, with a fluted top, it works best with smaller balls in the bottom, one larger one in the middle, and then some more small ones on top. Much better than the bowl, since the glass is translucent, all the balls are visible.



One a recent trip to Ikea I picked up two faux sheep skin rugs, for $9.99 each. Bonus-they are machine washable. They're meant for floor coverings, and have non-skid nubs on the back, but so far I prefer them as throws.  They are lovely and plush. I bought two, as I anticipated the cat would bogart one, which is of course exactly what happened.

Also at Ikea, I added an apple scented candle to my cart, to add a layer of scent to my autumn mini makeover.


Accessories are the easiest way to change up the look of a space without commitment, and for little money. These little shelves above my couch are great. I got them at Canadian Tire, for $20 for the set of three. I can rotate items around whenever I like to change the look. Candles, a handmade wooden box, and some other small accessories add personality and dimension. The grey sculpture in the middle was only 50 cents on clearance!

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