Monday, October 3, 2011

Paint Splatter Party

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011
Location: 4 Cats Arts Studio, Oakville
Guests: 20 adults
Budget: >$500

*Actual photos of guests are included in this post, but faces are not clearly visible.

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something unique and fun and I definitely found it with a Jackson Pollock inspired paint throwing extravaganza. No art experience is required, so everyone can enjoy this activity, plus guests can take their artwork home with them as a souvenir of the day. All art supplies are provided by 4Cats. Cake, drinks and snacks are allowed, don't forget to bring the plates and forks.

Adult party package includes: Two hours studio time, each guests works on their own 11x14 stretched canvas work of art and works together on one large 6x3 foot canvas for the host. The cost is about $25 per person.

I opted to have the canvas stretched, so I will always have a wonderful souvenir from my milestone birthday. Jennifer, the owner/curator of 4Cats was very helpful throughout the planning process. I emailed the studio a list of paint colours I pre-selected, which is a really great idea. This way, I made sure the large painting works with my decor at home. Jennifer made some suggestions as well, so if you are not sure what you want, the studio staff will help you through every step of the process.

Make sure your guests realize ahead of time they will get dirty, including feet! I brought everyone a plastic poncho and some bandannas to tie around their hair.
I am glad I did, we really did get paint everywhere.

Ponchos and Bandannas

Painty Feet

The process:
Step 1: Guests applied a thin layer of watered down paint (also called a wash) in their choice of beige or blue as the background colour.

Step 2: Each guest chose 4 paint colours from a selection of options to fill their palettes.

Step 3: Working with the lightest colour first, we let loose flinging the paint! Some much fun. At first I could tell everyone was hesitant but they soon got into the groove. I discovered my good friend has quite the talent for this technique, his looked amazing! I got him to do some for me.The trick is knowing when to stop. If you load it up too much, it looks messy and the colours can go muddy. The staff walked around and offered advice and suggestions.

The results:

Don't they look amazing? I love how even though we used the same colours, they are all so unique. They look even better when dry, I love the randomness and how in some areas the colours melded in interesting ways.I am so proud of my family and friends for really getting into the artistic zone.

This one is mine.

Next, the large painting:

Step 1: Using the leftover paint in our palettes, we flung paint from brushes.

Step 2: Syringes. Using slightly different colours, we loaded up syringes with paint and squirted lines. This is where we got messy!

Step 3: Paint Balloons. Like water balloons, but filled with paint instead of water.We held them out over the canvas and then squeezed!

Step 4: The Monday after the party, I returned to the studio to view the now dry canvas. It turned out really nice! Jennifer and I discussed how it should be stretched, there was enough canvas that I could manipulate it a little bit. We discussed the best layout, and once the decision was made, Jennifer marked the canvas. Stretching and varnishing takes about a week, so I will update this post once I have the finished painting at home. I think I know where to hang it, I will upload pictures once it's in place.

I cannot say enough about how fun this party was, and how great the staff at 4Cats Art Studio are. Other themes are available; such as Andy Warhol, Georgie O'Keefe, Monet, Van Gogh, so be sure to check out the other options.

For more information, check out their website,

Happy painting!

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