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Corporate BBQ-African Lion Safari

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2011
Location: African Lion Safari, Flamborough, ON
Guests: 40, mix of children, teenagers and adults
*Photos of actual guests are included in this post, but faces are not clearly visible

African Lion Safari Corporate package includes:
  • Admission to the park and all park amenities
  • Mascot character
  • Reserved Picnic Site (Peacock Pavilion)
  • Animal encounter (Cheetah)
  • Elephant Tug of War
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Souvenir Buckets for children
  • Promotional Materials-posters, brochures, tickets to distribute to guests  

  • cheeseburgers/hamburgers 
  • hot dogs 
  • veggie burgers 
  • all the usual toppings 
  • potato salad 
  • coleslaw 
  • beverages 
  • freezies (not included, I brought those)
    African Lion Safari was a fantastic place to host a corporate staff bbq. All company staff and their families were invited. Safari staff were fantastic and easy to work with.  Major highlights of the day were the elephant tug of war and the animal encounter with the cheetah. Sadly, many guests were late, and missed out! Safari staff are defiantly prompt, down to the very minute. After the scheduled activities concluded, guests (including myself) were able to venture out on their own to enjoy all the activities the park has to offer, and there are plenty! Lots to see and do.

    Private Pavilion

    Lining up for Lunch

    Palm Tree
    I found inflatable palm trees and animals at the dollarstore. The palm trees have a compartment at the bottom to fill with sand, making them stand up on their own. It was very windy, so I lashed them to the picnic tables with fishing line. Worked pretty well. 
    Animals were monkeys, parrots and flamingos. I strung them up from the rafters of the pavilion, but I forgot to take pictures of them in situ! Children each took one home for a souvenir.


     This is the best picture I have, not the greatest, but you get the idea. The monkeys were the best, in my opinion. Once inflated, they are able to stand on their own. 
    Not bad for $1.25 a piece.

    African Lion Safari commemorative buckets and animal cookies are included in the corporate package.I added a little something I found at the dollarstore.
    A little tote bag to colour, with a jungle/safari theme.

     I coloured this one as a test, before the event. Looks pretty good, I think! The bags could be used as a lunch bag, but I also thought they might come in handy as a first aid kit, a travel sized bag to hold snacks and small toys to keep kids occupied in the car or on the go. The tote bags are small enough to fit inside a purse or diaper bag. The only thing that slightly bothered me, if you use the included markers, the bag will not be washable. Something to keep in mind. I would use fabric markers, and wash it separately to avoid running.

    The corporate package through African Lion Safari includes unique animal encounters, a tug of war with an elephant, and a personal visit with an animal and trainer. 

    Elephant Tug of War: Safari staff brought over an elephant to the private area, and directed the guests into formation. Maggie the Elephant wore a harness attached to a rope. All the guests lined up along the rope, and when directed, tried to pull the rope away from the elephant. As you can imagine, Maggie won. 

     Maggie the Elephant

    Tug of War

    Cheetah visit:
    After the thrill of meeting Maggie, guests were visited by Raj the Cheetah and his trainer. It was so wonderful to see such a gorgeous cheetah up close and personal. The trainer provided lots of educational information, and was open to questions about cheetahs, Raj, or the park in general.

    Cheetah and Trainer
    African Lion Safari mascot Dandylion stopped by to say hello.

    I couldn't resist taking a photo with Dandylion

    After the BBQ lunch, guests were free to enjoy the remainder of the day exploring the park on their own time. I quickly cleaned up, so I could enjoy the park myself. I stopped by the Birds of Prey show at the little amplitheater, and took a drive through the Game Reserve to see the animals. Here are a few of the best shots:

    Male Fallow Deer

    Female Fallow Deer

    Addax (Antelope)




    I received many compliments and great feedback about the event, both in person and via email.  See my testimonials page for more details.
    Everyone enjoyed themselves, and were able to take in the great attractions, such as elephant rides, water park, petting zoo, boat rides, train rides, and Safari tour. 
    For more information about African Lion Safari and to plan your own visit, go to

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