Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flower Garland and Updated Birthday Banner

I updated the "Hoppy Birthday" banner for my sister in law's birthday.I changed the "o" to an "a" and switched the bunnies for some pink and red die cut flowers. Cute, and it matched the fireplace quite nicely. 
You can find the original instructions to make the banner here 

Here's a close up of the paper flowers. I bought a large package of them at the dollarstore. Very handy, I've used them for greeting cards, embellishments for gift bags, to decorate easter baskets, the garland below and I still have more!

Flower Garland
  • paper flowers in your choice of colours
  • needle and thread
  • tape
This is super easy, I whipped it up in only a few minutes.


 Line up your flowers so that you have a relatively straight line, see how the side petals line up? Then simply string the flowers onto your needle and thread from the back side, so the thread runs along the back. Tie off and tape the end to the back of the end flowers. I used a random pattern of all the colours, but feel free to cutomize as you see fit. The only small thing that bugged me-the flowers tended to twist around. A very tiny detail no one would notice except me. I might attach them all individually, like I did with the sweet pea banner when I have some spare time. Sweet pea banner instructions are here
Everyone commented on it, it's a cute way to add a pop of colour to a party.
  And very cheap, it cost only pennies.


  1. They're beautiful, but I don't understand what you meant by "attaching them individually"....

  2. Instead of stringing them all on to one long string, I would cut and tie off the string after adding each one. It's more cutting and tying. It's hard to explain. I'll try to take a picture of what I mean tonight.