Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Medieval Theme Decorations: Goblets

Faux Crystal and Gem Goblets

This is the easiest and quickest of all the crafts I made for the party.

Plastic wine glasses (one per guest)
Rhinestone or gem stickers (assorted shapes and colours are best)

Simply attach the stickers to the wine glasses-any patterns or colours you like.
Big hit with the children. One guest remarked "but they're not glass!" Can you imagine a group of seven year olds with glass goblets? Several children took theirs home.

*note: one time only use. The stickers will fall off if you wash the goblet. Or, take the stickers off, wash, and then reapply.

Really affordable craft. One package of 4 glasses is $1. I bought 2 packages of stickers at $1 each. Therefore 8 glasses totals $4, or .50 cents per glass. Plus, I had a lot of gems leftover.

This also works well as a craft the kids can do upon arrival, or during the party itself.

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  1. where do you get all these great ideas?!