Thursday, October 7, 2010

Medieval Theme Birthday Party

Boy's Seventh Birthday Party

*to protect privacy, no names or pictures of guests are included in this post

Date: Saturday October 2, 2010
Location: Casaloma, Toronto ON
Guests: 15, ages 6 to adult
Theme: Medieval
Budget: $500

The party package available at Casaloma includes:
  • 2 hours
  • up to 12 children
  • admission to the castle and grounds
  • rental of the Austin Room for your private event
  • party supervisor/tour guide
  • 1/2 hour guided tour
  • 2 photo cut outs for photo opportunities
  • craft activity (make and decorate paper crown)
  • lunch (we had grilled hot dogs and chips)
  • juice and water
  • cost-$450, additional food and guests extra
  • guests are able to bring their own birthday cake/cupcakes
*note: all decorations must be free standing, no taping or adhering any decorations to the walls is permitted


  • balloon bouquet
  • paper castle centrepiece
  • dragon pinata
  • craft foam shields
colouring pages and paper crowns
  • make a paper crown
  • guided tour
  • dragon pinata
  • cut outs for photos

Dragon pinata

King and Queen cut outs

Taking advantage of the photo cuts, I took a photo of each child with the cut out. While the kids were taking the guided tour I printed out each photo with my portable photo printer. I picked up red and blue foam 4 x 6 picture frames from walmart. Very affordable-a pack of 2 costs $3.50. I put the pictures inside the frames for the kids and tucked them inside their lootbags. Inside the bags, I put a handful of foam craft stickers-castles, stars, swirls, hearts, so the kids could decorate the frames at home. I also threw in a handful of candy. After all, what's a lootbag without candy?

Photo station


  1. That's a cool addition to the loot bags!

  2. Thanks! I'm sure the parents appreciated it more than the kids....

  3. That pinata is BAD ASS! Good job!

  4. you made the kid's day with all the fun and the parents day with your superb attention to detail and creativity... way to go Mary!

  5. How did you make those wonderful cutouts!