Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Medieval Theme Decorations: Scroll Invitations

Easy to make scroll invites:

  • parchment coloured paper
  • 2 wooden dowels per invitation
  • scotch tape
  • ribbon
  • computer with word software
  • clip art or graphic with medieval theme
  • printer
Step one:
Using word software draft the text for the invitation. I used Lucida calligraphy font, to appear as if it was hand written. The text I used reads:

By Royal Proclamation
Sir___(name) of___(street name)
Requests your presence in celebration of the day of his birth
(date and time)
on the grounds of castle (address)
we will enjoy a sumptuous feast, games and revelry
RSVP to Lord and Lady (last name)
The Royal Messenger
Step two:
Add a fancy graphic. I used a coat of arms with a dragon emblem. There is plenty of free medieval themed clip art out there. I simply googled "coat of arms+dragon" and picked one I like. Use whatever suits your taste. You could also use a stamp or a metallic seal.

Next, print out enough copies as there are guests. If you don't have parchment coloured paper and don't want to buy any-you can use regular printer paper and stain each piece with a damp tea bag. Another option is to carefully burn the edges of each invitation to add to the aged effect.

Step three:
Tape the wooden dowels to both the top and bottom edges of the piece of paper. Tightly roll the paper around each dowel to hide the tape.

Step four:
Roll up each invitation and tie with ribbon. Hand deliver them to your guests. You could mail them, but it's not as authentic, nor as much fun.


  1. This is such a wonderful idea! Looks like a lot of fun. what ideas do have for a 50? for male

  2. Are you referring to the party in general? Or specifically invitations?

  3. just exactly what i was looking for, thanks ;D