Monday, May 2, 2011

Re-post: Paperbag Butterfly Wreath

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Isn't this wreath fantastic? It's made from brown paper bags, old book pages and coloured paper. I love it .I love the upcycling of paper bags and old books. For extra credit, select literary quotes and cut the butterfly shapes around the words,so you'll still be able to read them.

For instructions on how to make this wreath, check out the tutorial on Bump Smitten here

I just discovered Bump Smitten-a site dedicated to baby showers. But even if you are not planning a baby shower, there are tons of ideas you can use for any other kind of party. For example-an old fashioned ice cream social. Great theme for birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, family get togethers, etc.
I'll be adding this site to my list of must read blogs.


  1. I'm sure you could change the insects and make your own, or use ready made ones?

  2. What about Christmas? Santa or snowmen or Christmas tree shapes?

  3. Of course, once you've made the base you can decorate it with whatever you like. I was also thinking about old sheet music, instead of the book pages, that would be nice for Christmas

  4. You could take used wrinkled, torn Christmas paper to make the base along with the Christmas shapes.