Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green Parties & Weddings

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Here's a great source for tips to green up your next party or weddding: Green Living Online
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Some great suggestions to help make events more ecofriendly:
  • use biodegradable plates and utensils (usually made from corn)
  • look for 100% recycled paper products and make sure to recycle/compost them
  • green up your lootbags/guest favours-use a re-usable, biodegradable bag or container
The site also lists suggestions for loot bag filler such as organic lollipops or candy, smencils (smelly pencil crayons made from recycled newspaper), small toys from Plan Toys. For the container itself, here are some ideas I like-a cloth lunch bag, a pencil case, a sand bucket, a photo box/keepsake box. Try to find something that can be re-purposed.

I find ecofriendly toys to be a bit expensive, so pick one or two really great items.

For weddings: there are tips on every category from the ring to the honeymoon. You can find the wedding article here 
My suggestions:
  • serve organic, free range or local menu items
  • use items for centerpieces that can be re-used or re purposed
  • use flowers that are in season
  • buy a second hand dress, one from a charity shop or at least re-sell yours when you are done
  • consider renting dresses (brides or bridesmaids)
  • look for guest favours that are practical, organic or donate to a charity in your guest's name
  • consider paring down your guest list-reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time
Hope you find these tips helpful, check out Green Living for more great suggestions.


  1. Another wedding saver - use online invitations: you save on postage, paper, fuel (to deliver them) etc.

  2. That's what I did for my kids' parties: used Evites and saved tons of stamps, physical paper invitations and manpower getting them ready and mailing them.