Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Bingo

Image: http://karenswhimsy.com

I decided we need a little cheering up around the office this month. I wanted to play a game-something easy, cheap, fast and fun. I decided to organize Valentine's Day themed bingo. I found a site that already had the templates for the cards, and a call list. Here is the link. There are 8 unique cards, and I printed a few of each. I am hoping to sell about 25-30 ( but hopefully more).

Easy for me, all I had to do was print out the cards onto card stock. I couldn't find red or pink card stock anywhere in the usual stores. I didn't want to invest too much time or money and I had some cream coloured stock on hand, so I used that. Two cards print out per page. I cut them apart with a paper cutter.

I decided to sell the cards for $2, and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. To make it a bit more challenging, I shaded a pattern onto each card that (sort of) forms a heart shape, rather than the traditional straight line pattern.

How it works: I am selling the bingo cards this week. Starting February 7th, I will email out the call words to those who purchased a card. They circle the shaded words, and the first one to collect all their words sends me an email with the subject line bingo. This way it is easy for me to track who was first. I have a small prize for the winner. I just starting selling the cards, and am getting a good response so far. Most people have purchased more than one.

Of course, you can use the cards to have a traditional bingo game if you happen to be hosting or going to a Valentine's Day event.


  1. I wish I worked at your office - then I could be part of helping others while having fun :)

  2. It's easy to play as a game for a party. There are lots on the internet for free, with different themes. Download the pdf for free and print.