Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Easy and Frugal Table Setting

Here is how I made an easy and affordable holiday table setting using things I already had around the house.

Step 1:
Create a table cloth from gift wrap. I already owned this paper, I just unrolled and cut to the size I wanted. If you have a dark wood table like mine, you might want to let some of the wood show through. I left a space on all sides. Next, I folded the cut edges under and taped them down on the underside for a cleaner look. You can cover the entire table if you are worried about spills, scratches or hot dishes marring the surface. Other options: create a runner down the table or cut out rectangles for individual place mats.

Step 2:
I set the table with my basic white plates, cutlery and wine glasses.

Step 3:
I already had this centrepiece, it was one I used at my wedding in May. The set comes with the mirrored tray, the square vase and the round candle holders. I simply added the silver glittered foliage (from the dollarstore) and some clear crystals. If you want to create this look-any piece of mirror will do. You can find the other items at any dollarstore-the vases, the foliage, the crystals and the tea lights. Adapt the centrepiece to suit your theme. An even more affordable idea-collect fresh greenery from outside.

Step 4:
I simply rolled basic white napkins and tied with a length of satin ribbon. I prefer knots to bows. If you like, tuck a sprig of greenery under the ribbon.

Step 5:
Place cards are optional. For a small table like mine, you don't need them but I wanted to include them anyway. I simply used a pinecone and a small rectangle of paper. Couldn't be easier. I bought a whole bag of pinecones, but by all means collect them outside if you live near pine trees. Just be wary of any sap residue. These ones are spray painted white in some areas, that can easily be done if you want to add a bit of pizzaz. Or dab on some glue and sprinkle glitter on top.

That's it! If you start with basic white dinnerware, you can add details in any colour scheme you like. A good general tip is to stick to no more than four colours. A nice thing about using wrapping paper is that everyone has it at Christmas time and it comes in a multitude of colours and patterns. For a kid's table, lay down kraft paper and give out crayons.

*I did recycle the paper I used, I wrapped a large gift with it later the same day.

I was so pleased with the results, I continued to decorate other areas of my apartment with gift wrap. The colour scheme is red, white and silver. I chose paper in different prints, but they are all the same colours, so the overall scheme works.

This is actually an office armoire, but it looks like a buffet. I simply laid out the paper and cut to the size I wanted. I decided to cover the entire surface. I folded under the edges and taped them down on the underside, same idea as the tabletop. The armoire is my entrance way-it's nice to jazz up the front hall or foyer to greet guests with Christmas cheer. For a party, I would set this up as the bar or hors d'oeuvres station.

This arrangement was created from elements I already had. I dug through my bin of Christmas stuff and pulled out a silver charger plate and a red pillar candle. Next I added some more pinecones. It needed a bit of sparkle-this is a snowflake ornament that is too big for my small tree. The vase is a smaller version of the one on the table. I had one more piece of foliage leftover from the centrepiece. The stack of gifts are actual presents waiting to be delivered.

This shelf is in my hallway, and it is one of the first things visible upon entering the apartment. Normally it looks like this:

Lovely, but not very Christmas-y, is it?

So, I simply wrapped the framed prints to make them look like gifts! So easy.

A bit of coordinating ribbon, and there you go. I think it looks great. I love the graphic punch of the prints. The paper and ribbon are all from Ikea, if you are wondering. I left the lengths of ribbons long enough that I will be able to re-use it to wrap gifts next year. The ribbon on the two smaller prints is actually tied at the back. The little red bow is meant to decorate a wine bottle, I just taped it to the white ribbon with double sided tape. Double sided tape is fantastic, I use it to wrap gifts all the time.

It seems like I used alot of paper, but I didn't really. I have plenty leftover to wrap gifts. I even have an idea on how to re-use scraps of gift wrap-all those pieces that are too small to wrap gifts but too nice to put in the recycling bin. Keep an eye out-I am going to the craft store tomorrow to get the things I need.

Happy Decorating!

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  1. The perfect balance of simplicity and traditional colours to make an elegant holiday setting!