Friday, July 22, 2011

Trend: Tissue Paper Petals

I've been seeing alot of diy projects using  layered tissue paper petals, to a great effect.

Isn't this tablescape so fabulous? So summery! The best part is those lanterns. This project comes to us via Martha Stewart, full instructions are here

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I think this is a great way to salvage cheaper paper lanterns that are not quite right.  I bought some cheapos once and they were definitely not perfectly round. Perhaps I could have saved them by covering them with tissue paper circles.  Apparently, you can buy the circles pre-cut at craft stores if you are not into cutting out dozens of circles yourself. Paper lanterns and tissue paper is very inexpensive, but what an impact! Great way to stretch your party budget.

I have also seen this method used to decorate pinatas. 

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Here's a tutorial from one of my favourite blogs to read, Young House Love. This pinata was from their daughter's first birthday party.

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If you are not into getting messy with flour and glue,then this very similar project uses a store bought soccer ball pinata and just adds on the tissue paper "petals". Because it's uses a store bought form, it is perfectly round which might appeal to those perfectionists out there (ahem, me).
You can find more photos and instructions here

What a lovely alternative to those gaudy character pinatas you see everywhere in the store. I love the pretty, modern look of these.

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  1. Cool! You could pretty much use any shapes: teardrops, diamonds etc. What about different papers? Or would wrapping paper be too stiff?