Friday, March 18, 2011

Universal Gift Registry

 Image source: Microsoft Clip Art

Personally, I don't really like gift registries. I like the concept of them, but in practice I find them awful to shop from. Traditional stores for registries-ie. department stores tend to be pricey. Often, I can find the exact same product at a better price at a store like Winners or Home Sense but then I struggle with the dilemma of buying it and risking a duplicate-since the other store can't update the registry or suck it up and pay full price. For myself, I didn't want one, but we had sooo many questions that we caved a selected a few things from Home Outfitters for our wedding Registry.  I picked very practical things I would have bought myself anyway, such as towels and sheets.

What about things you won't find in stores such as coupons for dog walking, baby sitting, pedicures, car washes, etc. 

This year at Christmas, my sister-in-law created a google document spreadsheet for her children's wish list. Great idea, but really time consuming and there are no helpful photos, prices or links to stores. 

I just found the answer! Universal gift registry. I did some research and found these sites, I hope you find them helpful.

For anything:

For baby:


For family (birthdays, Christmas, etc)

Happy shopping!

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