Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week-end Spa Getaway

This past weekend, husband and I stole away to the spa for the weekend. The Mariott Niagara Falls Fallsview & Spa. We splurged on a king bed, jacuzzi tub, fireplace and a view of the falls. It was well worth it! Friday night we watched the fireworks over the falls from our room, we had the perfect view. The spa, Serenity Spa by the Falls, was located within the hotel on the lower lobby. We specifically wanted a hotel with a spa onsite so we wouldn 't have to travel far. Good choice too-the weather was nasty on Saturday, but we were perfectly cosy enjoying our treatments.

The view-complete with rainbow

The jacuzzi-made for two

The fireplace

The Bed-don't you want to dive in?

I have never been the spa, and have always wanted to. I am glad I finally went for it (with much prodding by husband to enjoy it and forget about the cost). Friday we indulged in the Escape to Fiji couples retreat-one hour massage each, followed by 1/2 hour hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy room was amazing. Great big tub, a fireplace and candles. We were served a fruit parfait to enjoy while soaking. Sadly I don't have any pictures, couldn't really bring the camera into the spa with me. The staff at the spa were wonderful and the atmosphere was great. The lounge area had complimentary water and teas. The locker room had both a sauna and a steam room. Robes and slippers were provided, and were able to wear them back to our room and keep them for the duration of our stay.

Saturday morning we treated ourselves to the Moor Mud Wrap and a facial. Husband loved the facial, but I have sensitive skin and I found it too rough for me. The wrap was excellent-a full body exfoliation, followed by the mud application. Next, I was wrapped in a warm cocoon. Followed by a hot shower to remove the mud. Then a massage with coconut and honey cream. Fantastic!

I recommend the spa to anyone, but I know it can be a bit pricey. Here are some tips to get the most for your money.

  • Winter off season so deals are available, and it's the best time to go!
  • Try different travel websites, the prices can vary
  • Look for package deals
  • Ask about freebies and extras, such as the fruit parfait we had
  • Book treatments that offer a full body multi-treatment-such as the mud wrap
  • If you have a jacuzzi in your room- skip hydrotherapy, it's basically the same thing
  • Look for coupons, Niagara is full of them. Ask at the hotel desk, online, or pick them up at common tourist sites. You'll find deals on dining and entertainment
  • Skip the room service-it's too pricey. Local take out places will usually deliver to hotels
The spa is perfect for romantic getaways, mother-daughters, sisters, best friends or bachelorette. Guys-don't be shy. The spa told me 30% off their clients are men. Men need the pampering too!


  1. Sigh, to be a newlywed again lol. With 2 kids under 4, spa getaways are a memory of the past & a dream in the future.
    Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  2. I know! That is why we went now. No babies for me yet. Better do all these kinds of things before I have kids. Lol.